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Intel HW RAID 1 w/ WIndows 7 disk management HELP!!!

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May 3, 2010 4:20:51 AM

i7 - 930
p6x58D Premium
2x Vertex SSD 60G RAID1 Win 7 Ultimate
2x Samsung F1 RAID
Volume1 100M Win 7 crap 499.9GB
Volume2 431.5GB
Samsung F3 2T for Internal Backup

I unplugged my HDD's and installed win7 ultimate on the SSD RAID 1 without incident.

After adding the HDD array back on I see that the first 100M is System Reserved (Active Primary partition) I unhooked the HDD's SATA cable so this wouldn't happen ( I thought) but not a big waste aside from being a Primary partition.

I want to know where to go from here for Windows 7 with future dual boot for linux.

Reading in the windows manual is scary regarding GUID partitions and such. It has been a very long time since i have ventured into this terrain but after my last system basically swapped all the never used MP3 Gigabytes of data to the outside of my platters after defrag I want to manage my disks better this time.

I want to format and partition my HDD RAID 1 for the following. Can I please get feed back on how to do this. ext partitions are not available from win7. What util do I need to get to make my life easier and what process should I use.

Currently the Drives are intel HW set to 2 volumes 500GB and 431 GB for Media.


RAID Volume 500GB
100MB SYS Reserved Win 7 :( 
30 G Alt Windows Programs and games
1.5 G Swap
60 G Development
150.5 G Linux
50 G / root
500 M /boot
20 G /home
10 G /tmp
70 G /var
100 G OLD Doc and Settings Users, Libraries Temp etc Everything I DON'T want on my SSD
40 G Downloads

RAID Volume 431.5 GB
300 G Media

HD203 2 Terra 1863 G BACKUP I figure this can be a simple GUID Partition since it is backup drive

100 G Windows Images

200 G Incremental Development

200 G Documents and Settings

50 G Downloads ( one to one back up )

200 G Linux (actually I think that is over kill since only an image and data need to be preserved)

400 G Media ( one to one back up )

More about : intel raid windows disk management

Best solution

a c 110 G Storage
May 3, 2010 5:10:36 AM
May 3, 2010 6:39:32 AM

Yes thank you
I have documented this article

My main concern is getting a lowlevel formatter which will allow me to format ext partitons, as well as the Win partitions.

I guess there is nothing wrong with GUID parts

I will further read about Ubanto. My last use was cd Ubanto vs fedora which i am more use to. I suppose that these days Ubanto is native as well.
May 23, 2010 4:52:28 PM

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