Overclocking amd athlon ii x2 240

what is the safe overclock speed of this processor? I'm running a large heatsink with 3 heatpipes and a 92mm fan on it on a MSI am3 motherboard
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  1. There is no safe overclock speed, but max temperature. Just try and overclock it a bit by a bit until you feel the temperatures are a bit too high for the CPU. The maximum temperature of the Athlon II X2 240 is 74°C, but I really wouldn't take it that far - I'd back down a bit once it reaches around 65°C-68°C.
  2. The athlon II's are good overclockers, i got my x3 440 to 3.3 GHZ and it still runs nice and cool. like Richard said, just dont get it too hot and you will be fine.
  3. @neonmonkey

    How cool is cool? I'm idle at about 43.. is that cool? I'm running the chip at 3.36 ghz
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