Artic Freezer 7 Pro Rev2

Im having trouble with this CPU cooler
When i start the System the Fan rotates siglthy then stops.
First i thought it might just be the CPU not heating up enought to make the Fan start, then i realize it wasn't that:(.
Wich brings me to think that the MB still feeds Energy to the CPU,but it stops afterwards somekind of security protection.
The problem is probably in the Fan itself or the cable,any kind of shortcircuit is enough for the Mb to Automatic cut the Power.But then again i can;t say for sure until i fully test it.
Any ideas?
As i said i haven't had much time the Solutions I already tried are listed below;

1-Disconnect and connect CPu cooler Again.
2-Tryed all kind of diferent settings in BIOS regarding CPu Fan speed, and Auto speed.
3-COnnect CPu Cooler directly to the PSU.
4-Use a CPu cooler FAN speed controlor,as i am a reviewer i have some here.
5-I think i have and adapter of a Zalman to a Cooler i will try it out too.
6-I think i dont have any Fan directly connect to the MB,and are at The PSU, i will try to connect one to Mb, just in case.
7-Try out new Bios.
8-I will try to fix The COoler by myself, it's not worth sending back:)

Recently i tried to pull a bit the cable nest to the center of the FAN and it worked, The FAn rotated for about 1 min again the probably Stoped due some Mb short circuit protection:(.

It's Brand NEW Cooler.

My system
AMD Athlon II 240
Asus M4A785T-M
Ante TP-650
HD4890 Vapor-X 1GB GDDR5
Gskill 12800 ddr3
2x250 GB SATA II raid0
1x80gb IDE+1x160GB IDE
Antec P193

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  1. HI ALL,sorry PROBLEM SOLVED Anyone with same issue ,care to ask:)
  2. so ... how did you solve the problem ? i have been running 2 of the same coolers on a 9950 140w and a 965 125w , and so far have not had any problems. both machines run seti with a slight overclock and run at temperatures between 47c - 49c.
  3. Yes i bought the AC because i will upgrade to a 955 or a 965:=)

    Stupingly or not,none of the things i tried solved, just just noticed the FAn in the midle has a bit how to say spaced beetween the midle center Ball with the Sticker.

    Means i just pressed the Fan against the Heatsink and heard some kind of CLIck!! like it was going back to it´s original Place.
    Connect has normally, WOrked as normally:p

    It must have been out of place with travelling around world:p

    Thnks anyway xD
    BTW:i have seen PPl at Neweeg with the exact same issue, it must be the fabrication the machine sometimes does insert the fan Properly...

  4. BTW, are you using any fan control hardware with your Arctic freezer?
  5. Nop PWM,im fine
    I will Swap to Scythe Yasya soon,when i change for Quad core

    Sorry 4 my ENglish, it sucks
  6. :bounce:

    Thank you very much Silent321. You've just saved me a whole load of trouble. For some reason, the artic cooler 7 pro fan gets easily dislodged from its base. Just push it gently together like Slient said, and you'll hear a click. The fan will work beautifully afterwards.
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