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hello. I deleted all windows games by mistake : freecell,hearts,minesweeper,solitaire, pinball, and spider solitaire. I have follow all the instructions mentioned ont this forum:
Click START / Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs / Add Remove Windows Components /
Accessories and Utilities / [Details...] / Games / [Details...] / pick your games / Click [OK] 3 times.
and after all that there is a small screen tha appears saying that I have to insert a Windows XP Professional CD-ROM into the drive selected below H:\i386 and then click OK
But I don't have that CD-ROM how can I get it then?
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  1. You can get a dell oem windows cd for xp or vista. The dell oem windows dvd or cd's are about $16 shipped. Check 9software or pricewatch with the category "operating system". I used a dell dvd to install windows vista on my compaq pc, but had to format. I used a non hp replacement board, and reactivated windows with the hp coa sticker.
  2. complete BS. if it comes with windows FREE to begin with why should a person have to PAY to get a disk when they could simply have a DOWNLOAD on their site (even if they have to verify valid/activated etc)?!?!?!?!? I've had this prob many times and now again... when i need to restore anything. now the games... windows made it so easy to delete with THEIR "disk cleanup" but yet make it difficult to REPLACE if u lose the disk. I've bought the disk again TWICE and now REFUSE to pay again and everyone telling me same thing. come on guys... how about just offering REAL help like "here ill send u the files" (accepting at ones own risk of course and hope u have good antivirus etc lol). i personally would help you but i AGAIN am in the same situation.
  3. Which an attitude like that, why should we? Ok you refuse to pay for "another" disk. Why not ring up the company you bought the PC/Disk from and tell THEM to give you another disk or send you the files?
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