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Hi Folks,

Looking for some advice as there is no real winner as far as google searching turns up. After a catasrophic disk failure I've decided its time to start imaging/cloning once I setup my new disks.

Can anyone give advice on easy to use and excellent clone disk software. I will be setting up a RAID 0, and will have spare HDD's to use for cloning.

Thanks in advance
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  1. A good and commonly-used one is Acronis True Image, and it does a LOT more than just cloning. Better news yet, maybe: you can get it free. Both WD (Acronis True Image WD Edition) and Seagate (Disk Wizard) have customized versions of this package you can download for free from their websites. BUT in each case they will operate ONLY if the DESTINATION disk (the one you're working on and writing to) is from them.

    Make sure you get and read the manual for the software. It can do a lot, and knowing what it does and how can help you. Even in the cloning process there are certain configuration and size settings you probably want to adjust manually because the defaults are wrong.
  2. Hi - I recently went through the process of Cloning an HDD as an upgrade for my 2 year old Latitude. Went from the stock 160GB to a 500GB.

    I did a lot of research, but decided on EASUS Todo Backup. I am very happy with it as it is very straightforward, free and does not limit which hard drives you can use.

    Easus Todo Backup - I believe they have a paid version, but it is unnecessary for simple disk cloning.
  3. I've used Acronis - it worked fine with XP, was slightly unstable with vista then with the new computer, win 7 64 bit it is predictably unstable - i gave up on it totally - every time i'd try it'd take 3-4 attempts (each attempt would restart the computer back into windows, or sometimes stop at the DOS screen, linger and then show me inside of 30 seconds, complete backup done when it couldn't have
    Acronis support is hit / miss

    i'm going to try that EaseUS Todo - Cnet seems to give it good review
  4. You can't install a freshly downloaded copy of any Acronis version, even one from WD, until you RIP OUT the existing version. This requires deleting 300+ references to Acronis in your REGISTRY ! ! ! It took me 6 hours to rip every reference to Acronis from my Registry AND I had to take a lot of prescription PAIN medication for my back, shoulders, left arm and hand from hitting F3 in the registry over 300 times ! ! ! over 6 hours !!!! .... John A Leo......
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