Installing windows 2000 xp on hitachi laptop

I am new here. I will try to be short and to the point.

I got hitachi flora220w NS5 laptop off my friend which needed OS installation. I installed a xp cd i had without product key because i could not find the 25 character product key in the laptop. the laptop has a sticker at the back but doesnot seem to have that 5 X 5 character serial product key. it has few english and mostly japanese fonts which i dont understand. Now i am scared that i need to activate the windows within 1 month


my friend doesnot seem to have the original papers CDs with him.

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  1. Find out what XP type you used (OEM, Home, Pro) and buy a CD key to match. Or buy an XP disk with a license.
  2. Or you could try an alternate OS like Ubunutu.
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