Startup problem after OC.


I just oc my CPU (E8400) to 3.4ghz , just by setting the FSB in the bios. PCIE Freq set to 100. Others settings at auto. During startup, my comp fan just spins for 2-3 without entering POST then it will just stop spinning for few seconds then start to spins again n POST. Here is my
pc spec

E8400 E0 Stepping
Asus P5P43TD
Kingston DDR3 1333- 3Gb (I think it is a normal RAM, not extreme version)
Vantec Ion 2+ 700W

Hope there will be a solution for it as I'm very curious about what happened. I did set the CPU over voltage to +50mv and also the Vtt to 1.2. But it still gives me problems. Just wondering will it be the mobo problem? Or maybe I did set sth wrongly? I tried to google about my motherboard info on oc but still cant find any info on it. Hope someone here can guide me tru this problem. Thanks.
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  1. I'm not familiar with your PSU? Are you confident of its quality and stability?
  2. yes. normal os loading. n i did put in the stress test. without failure for 5hours. but during startup, there's problem. as i mentioned.
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