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Windows 7 wont recognize ssd

Ive a intel x25m and a intel x25v. The M works beautifully but windows wont let me acess the V. Bios recogs it, Windows recogs it in device manager but it wont let me acess it. Ive pulled up the props on it and this is what I get

Can someone help me out a little please. I pretty sure my problem is somewhere with Windows. I know it needs a format and all of that but I cant get to it, I even tried using win7 install disc thinking it would find it no matter what the format but the install wont even recog it.

i7 930
1333 crucial ballistix
asus p6t deluxe v2
intel ssd x25m
" " x25v
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    After playing a round for a good while I figured it out. Win7 apparently dont show the ssd as connected in the my computer(which I expected it to) screen unless it has been formated first as XP did. I ended up clicking on computer>right click computer feild>manage>storage>then right click unknown drive and create a simple volume(for my use, there many other options available). Anyone else have this problem.......there you go. :)
  2. Thanks!!for the life of me, i couldnt find this answer!

    Intell really needs to add this info.

    Really.. there is no reason anyone who doesnt know computers would know this.

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