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Looking at nVidia's website, the requirements to run cuda are just series 8 or better and 256mb video memory.
I can pick up a PCI 8400gs for less than $60. would this be a replacement for and Agei physx card?

can I run this with an ATI graphics card?
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  1. i doubt it unless you dl'd the physx drivers seperately.. no really im not sure. contact nvidia?
  2. Isn't PhysX an nVidia only kind of thing?
  3. Yes, but that's why he mentioned the 8400GS, but really it's not fast enough for the job, and the PCI slot is slow for this PPU emulation which requires more CPU power/communcation than a dedicated Ageia PPU.

    So if he wants to add a GPU to do the PhysX work it should be more powerful and on PCIe preferably.

    You can run ATi+nV for this task, but only on XP for now.
  4. ^that's the sort of answers we pay TGGA for :lol: ^.^
  5. something to kep in mind for the future then. short term I'll be getting a 8400gs PCI to fill in for on an old AGP system. I was thinking about making use of the card after the AGP card was repaired (if BFG honnors the lifetime warantee). thats why I was specifcly interested in the PCI option. I figured the GPU had caught up to the old PPU. guess it'll colect dust then, maybe some Cuda folding or something.

    While I'm thinking of it, what card would be a sugested min for Physx?
  6. rad the release notes for drivers 180 from Nvidia.

    Enables NVIDIA PhysX acceleration on a dedicated GeForce graphics card. Use one card for graphics and dedicate a different card for PhysX processing for game-changing physical effects. Learn more here. (Note: GPU PhysX is supported on all GeForce 8-series, 9-series and 200-series GPUs with a minimum of 256MB dedicated graphics memory. This driver package automatically installs PhysX System Software version 8.10.13).[\Quote][\url]
  7. Sorry, to hijack this thread. But I just replace my 8800gtx with a GTX 260 Core 216. Should I put my 8800 in my rig as well to supplement my 260? What are the pros/cons. Thanks.
  8. they make 8400GS's on a PCI slot? :O i want one :D
  9. If you have NICE cpu speed, ill tell YES. But using Physix card IS not to increase PERF. its an EYE candy thing, that can lower your fps in some case.

    It bring more particule, water, cloth reality and more.

    For the Eye candy, ill tell YESSSS. when ill change my 9800GTX+ for new gen, ill use this one as Physx, i love eye candy ;)
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