Intel X25-V as Win 7 boot drive?

What's more important for an SSD boot drive with Win 7, email, and a browser - sequential performance or random read/write speed?

I understand sequential performance for the Intel X25-V isn't as good as other SSDs, but the random read/write speed is quite good. If the latter is more important for a boot drive, at $113 on Amazon it might be just what I need.
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    Your thinking is correct.

    HOWEVER, check the size of the OS you currently have vs. the size of the drive. 40GB may choke Windows 7. :(

    Read other posts about SSD. You want to have 15-20% free space on a SSD, for it to optimize itself. On a 40GB drive, that's 8GB that should be left unpartioned and unallocated. THus, only 32GB of usable space.

    I have 2-Intel X25-V 40GB in RAID 0, for my OS and Programs. I (used to) approach 46GB of used space. BUT, I wouldn't dive into RAID if you don't know about it. PLUS, I've lost some of the special features (TRIM) having these 2 in RAID (a whole other post).

    Once the OS is installed, reads will be most important. Still fast! :bounce:
  2. Well I just found out if you only have 1 SSD, you don't need to only use 80% of the drive, just don't use all the space on the partion. This is so TRIM can work. A feature of SSDs, automatically installed with Windows 7 on a SSD.

    So, I'd check to see how much drive space you need for the OS, and (most importantly) Program Files. If you have alot of games, it may put you over 40GB. Only you can know.

    Hope I didn't confuse you. :hello:
  3. For 40GB I would just be looking to install Win 7, email, and Firefox. If there's any extra room I'd probably add Office. I have a 150 GB Velociraptor that I'd use for games and any other apps that don't fit. My resolve is weakening, so I'm also looking hard at the Intel X-25M as an alternative, which would easily take Win 7 and all my apps, excluding games.
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