Windows booting in BSOD after bios update even through xp install CD

help me out here guys I have a problem with XP booting into BSOD nomatter what I do

I was updating the bios version of a Fujitsu Siemens esprimo mobile v6535 laptop,

while I was making the update the was like a sound that went off that I barely heard then windows shutted down like it was restarting

but when it started it tried booting to windows but it only gave me a blue screen error, so I restarted again and tried all the options like booting in safe mode or last good configuration but that didn't work

so I tried installing windows XP again, it boots from the CD and loads everything but then it gives me a blue screen again when the CD tries to load windows to install on the hard drive

please help me out here guys as this is not my laptop it belongs to a relative of mine that wanted it up and running

note: the wireless network adapter didn't work before the bios update but ironically enough now the led for the wireless is on after the update :S, and also I can boot into the bios settings page
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  1. Try reflashing the BIOS again using the floppy disk method.
  2. how u solve this prblm
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