Help for raid0 setup driver !!

this is my first time doing raid 0 on my motherboard, i did everything right, but when i try to load the driver when installing windows 7 64bit it gives me error saying, you cant use unsigned driver on 64bit operating system??

i have asrock p55 extreme, i got the drivers off the asrock website for the windows 64bit, why its giving me this error? or should i just go to intel site and get the p55 drivers from there?

i need help asap thanks.
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  1. Hmm interesting issue. I have a RAID 0 set up and Win 7 64 bit but I'm using an MSI P55GD65 mobo. I didn't install any drivers to get it running. All I had to do was set the RAID up in the BIOS then I booted up with the CD in, and installed Windows. Everything worked fine.

    So, you have it all set up to RAID 0 in the BIOS? And you're running Win 7? I think you're ok... don't need to install anything. Still, there should be a way to override the unsigned driver check but I can't recall how.
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