Computer not booting/randomly restarting

Hello. I have been having trouble with my computer that i built. It is about half a year old. Here are the specs
Dfi lanparty x38
Ocz crossifer ddr2 800 RAM
650 watt logisys psu
Vista home premium
radeon x1950xtx

I have already had to install new ram (from crucial ballistix ddr2 800 to the ocz crossfire ram)

Now my computer is randomly restarting whenever (at least it seems ) it needs to use any amount of ram

I have also had a BSOD on startup with this( this only happened once):

Stop: 0x0000000A (0X000054D4, 0X00000002, 0X00000000, 0X81C5D2AA)

Can you help me identify the problem( i think its bad RAM)

Thanks, will

(i already posted this and people think it may be the psu and suggested trying a linux ive cd to test the RAM to be sure, but now i think it may be my PSU because of what they said)

Now when i press the power button its starts for a second, the shuts off, then starts by itself, now im thinking this may be a power supply or ram issue for sure because it dosnt even boot anything, thus eliminating driver problems, but this start problem only happens sometimes

Im getting more confused as time goes on!

So, is it a PSU or RAM issue, or neither?
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  1. When it starts, what are the power supply voltages according to the BIOS (+3.3V, +5V, +12V, etc)? You could run memtest to ensure that memory is working properly, but the PSU can definitely cause that type of error. Other devices that you haven't listed (if any) and drivers can also cause that type of error.
  2. boot up in safemode then go to the command prompt then type
    "chkdsk c: /f" let it finish
    then type
    "chkdsk c: /r"
    If it fixes problems on your hard drive you have a good chance of being able to boot up...
    If you can't get into safemode boot up off you installation cd and go into repair mode and it will get you to a command prompt where you can type the above command... That is where I would start out.
  3. boop334, you wrote that your computer doesn't boot at all, therefore you won't be able to run chkdsk. First step is to determine why it won't boot. You could start by keeping a single memory stick, but you also need to check the PSU voltages. You should also make sure that enough voltage is applied to those memory modules (according to OCZ, they require 2.2V for Crossfire compatibility).
  4. ok i pretty muc narrowed it down to psu because i have tried both stick of ram seperately and non at all and it still does the no power on the power on again thing, meaning a bad psu and i tested it with a psu tester and it said the startup time thing (ms) was high so im ordering a new pc power and cooling one or the like
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