Powercolor 4870 1gb pcs or pcs+....

I'm looking at buying a gaming graphics card (Powercolor HD4870 1GB), yet I can't seem to find the difference between the PCS and the PCS+ except the price difference, according to the manufacturer the PCS+ provides an even better cooling solution. However how much is still unclear.

My main questions is whether this PCS+ is worth the investment?

Does anyone reading this have experience with the PCS or the PCS+ card?

I've read some reviews, but i'd also like to hear some personal expriences as to noise level, cooling level and gameplay experience.

Thanks in advance!

- Shugs
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  1. I have the 2nd version of the PCS+ 1gb. The card works well using CAT 10s and runs 40s idle, high 50s load in heavy gaming in an Antec 900. It doesn't OC well over the factory OC of 800/925.
  2. @Craxbax- thnks sounds very promising! PS saw ur review on newegg as well! ;) Did you install vista 64 to fix the problems? or was there another problem that caused the booting problem?

    @zipzoomflyhigh --> thnx good idea!
  3. I am using XP Pro SP3. The problem was installation problems requiring boot in windows safe mode to finally complete the installation. I also later removed the VRM heatsink and cooler, removed the TIM and applied AS5. that dropped the temps about 4-5c but didn't help in OCing. I am tempted to remove the copper heatsinks on the memory under the cooler as I think they may actually interfere with memory cooling rather than help. As it stands the card is performing well at the stock settings so I'm in no rush to experiment.
  4. pcs+ runs very cool 40/50's under load like Crax said.

    I just got a 2nd one to CF Tuesday.

    the olders one ise 800/925
    new ones is 775/900

    oddly enough I run them in an Antec 900 to, no heat probs.

    old one overclocks to like 890-1010 or so
    new one overclocks to 790/930

    Pretty good buy in the fact the temps aren't as insane as most stock 4870's.
    btw one I just bought was only like 265 at newegg.

  5. I never thought I would find an official answer to this but here it is !

    PCS and PCS+ difference

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