540mhz vs 930mhz

Okay, i recently had a p31 mobo and i fried that... overclocking my cpu to 4.6ghz (384 x12) the voltages were like 1.8 LOL
anyways, i bought a new board, ep41-ud3l and i cant get voltages very high, so i only got my cpu to 3.92ghz, (280x14)

Which leads me to my memory the multiplier is 2, so my ratio is 1:1, but this would mean my ram is only 540mhz (3-3-3-6) on 2.1v


b) 840mhz (4-4-4-10) on 2v (ratio is like 2:3)

which do you guys reckon is faster?
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  1. what are using it for?

    i would normally say that tighter timings are better, but that would be for gaming. and that system doesn't sound like its made for gaming, so i would go for the higher frequency.
  2. Test your Memory bandwidth using SiSoft Sandra or some other application so you know where you stand.

    Often, when you overclock the CPU you first drop the RAM frequency. For example, if you drop the RAM by 20% then overclock the CPU your RAM might be at 100% of it's normal. The CPU and RAM timings are usually tied together (many people are actually crashing the RAM by overclocking the CPU).

    I don't recommend pushing things to the limit.

    Also, there's no benefit to overclocking the CPU if your graphics card is the bottleck point.

    Set things to normal then:
    a) Write down CPU and Memory benchmarks.
    b) overclock and repeat Step A
    c) Stress using a suitable Benchmark utility for hours to ensure stability

    To overclock a CPU it's important to have a large, quality CPU heatsink and fan.

    RAM Timings:
    Adjust your timings so that your Memory Bandwidth is the same (or less) than normal. You do NOT want to overclock your Memory unless you have high quality, overclockable memory. It's also harder to see a benefit to overclocking Memory and the small potential benefit in a limited number of situations is NOT worth the glitches you can get such as software corruption that you aren't aware of until your computer software is full of bad code.
  3. @ welshmousepk
    i use this computer for pretty much everything, i game sometimes, but mainly, i want to make the most of my ram.

    i havnt had problem overclocking, i just want to know which one is better, but thanks anyways :P
  4. well 'better' is a subjective term.

    for general usage, you would benefit more from running at a higher frequency.

    to be honest though, even in gaming the higher freeq would probably be better in this instance. you are talking about slightly tighter timings compared to a pretty big difference in freq.

    i'd go option B, so long as the RAM has no trouble running at that voltage.
  5. i went for option c ;D

    700mhz 4-3-3-10
  6. lol, good call. a fair middle-ground.
  7. I will be willing to bet, that if you find a good memory benchmark program, you will find that overclocking memory on a Core2 system doesn't accomplish much.
  8. LOL i got an oldgen cpu man, not even a core2, pentium D ;)
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