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Is there any way to determine the number of platters that a hard drive has without opening it?

(I've just bought a WD5001AALS-00E3A0 hard drive and I'm suspecting it has more than one platter)

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  1. I did some searching, and couldn't find any resources which gave me that information. I would read the label thoroughly, it might have some helpful information.
  2. I had a bookmark on my son's computer that listed this info for every HD in production .... he reinstalled Firefox and lost it :(

    I know I posted it in one of the threads I participated in but w/ 4400+ posted messages, wasn't going to look for it tonite :)
  3. You can guess at platter size based on the raw transfer rates. Aside from that, I don't know of any way.

    What's making you suspicious?
  4. The advertised transfer rates on this model drive are between the 1 and 2 terr drives of the same interface- that much I did find out. Actually, the numbers are somewhat interesting. Taken from a WD document copyrighted 2010, the "data transfer rate (max) | host to/from drive (sustained)" for the black series are;
    2T (sata 3G) 138MB/s
    1T (sata 6G) 126MB/s
    1T (sata 3G) 106MB/s
    750G(sata 3G) 106MB/s
    640G(sata 6G) 126MB/s
    640G(sata 3G) 113MB/s
    500G(sata 3G) 113MB/s
  5. Thanks for your answers.

    My HDD transfer rates are:
    minimum:49.7 MB/s
    maximum:104.4 MB/s
    average: 84.0 MB/s

    And the access time 12.4ms

    I am suspicious because the drive runs idle at 42°C and it is so heavy and thick ...
  6. How is your airflow?
  7. To find out the number of platters in your hdd use "Everest Ultimate Edition". It is a software which gives you any info you want about your hardware.
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