Low 3dmark 06 score

i am getting only 17000 in 3d mark 06 is this ok
gtx 259, intel core i7 2,66ghz, corsair ddr3 1600, gigabyte x58 ud5. and i was running the defult settings on 3dmark.
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  1. that sounds about right for a stock system..
    If you want higher scores you could oc the cpu, should be pretty easy to get it to 3.6GHz+. Good aftermarket heatsink recommended of course...
  2. ill try it. i was thinking i must have some setting on the graphics card set wrong.
  3. well, make sure you're not forcing AA or something on the nvidia control panel, leave it to aplication controlled...

    and since that is a dualchip card, sli should be enabled
  4. just checked few reviews, they are getting little over 18000 with i7 965 3.2GHz so seems like theres nothing wrong with your rig
  5. i guess it checks out... i just overclocked to 3,12ghz and i got 17695.
    i could have sworn that i saw a gtx 295 scoring around 22000 somewhere... i dont think it was quad sli. but i i guess it was.
    thanks for the link.
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