Dual channel mem not working in slot 1&2 but works in 3&4

My mobo is a gigabyte k8 triton GA-K8NSC-939
My ram is OCZ Dual channel 2gig OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K

The prob im having is i just got this ram back from OCZ new. Had to send it in (RMA) cuz my first set had like 308+ errors. It was running in the 1&2 slot of the Mobo. After getting this ram back i put it in the 1&2 and the comp beeps at me. 1 long beep few sec later another long beep. So i take it out put it in the 3&4 slot worked just fine. Currently running Mem test 86 on it threw a CD. only been 22mins and no errors.

Im not sure why its not reading the ram in the 1st and 2nd slot. The heatsinks on the ram are huge and is causing it to push on each other, would this be the issue? but its doing the same in the 3&4.

My 2nd question is the ram is rated at 2.6-2.8v, the mobo normal v is 2.5 according to CPUZ. Should i bust the V to 2.6 or leave it? I dont want to dmg the cuz i JUST rma it and would be able to get it replaced. If i leave it at 2.5v would it not be giving the ram enough for it to run at full speed?

Ty for any and all help.
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  1. Put the memory at it's rated voltage.
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