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New Win 7 install going straight to error recorvery screen at boot up

I had my original 3.5 HDD fail on me and had a spare 2.5 HDD I used to store movies on around, so I formated it and installed win 7 on it via my laptop ( I had to install the drive internally because you can't use usb?) and then swapped it back into my desktop. I promptly got a windows error recovery screen on the initial boot up. I choose to launch startup repair and waited for over a 40mins for it to tell me it couldn't do anything.

I'm not sure what's wrong. Is it that the 2.5 hdd is now tied to my laptop or that my desktop is stating to fail piece by piece. My desktop is a 4 yr old Acer Aspire w/ 1.5 gb ram, 3.0 ghz intel celeron d cpu.

I'm was thinking of buying a brand new hdd, but after seeing what happened to this one I'm not sure if that would work out. Also My newish cd-rom on my desktop is not booting anything either which explains why I couldn't install it through my desktop . It would work when win 7 started, but not while booting.
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    Nothing is wrong with the HD. You can not swap Windows installations between computers. All the drivers are device specific. It should work fine on the laptop assuming the 40min repair didnt nuke the install altogether.
    The laptop drive is likely a 5400RPM drive and slower than a 7200RPM desktop drive so you really do not want it as your C: drive anyway. Buy a new 3.5in 7200RPM desktop drive.

    If it is SATA try the Samsung Spinpoint F3. The 500GB model is one of the best for the money. It is out of stock at newegg but you can look around a bit and find one for $55. The 1TB is about $80.
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