I think i've blown up my graphics card help!!!

I have 2 Nvidia 8600GTS.

Last night I was trying to get the new zombie mod maps for Call of Duty World at War to work and when I loaded the map "FRUmansion" my computer crashed shortly after and screen went black. The last audio sound kept repeating like krt,krt,krt,krt,krt,krt,krt over and over very fast. Then I tried to hit esc., alt tab, windows key, and finally ctrl,alt,del. None of them did anything so I pressed the reset button on my computer tower. When everything was supposed to load up. Nothing happened. Just a blank screen. My monitor said it didn't detect anything. Then I put 2 and 2 together and came to the conclusion that it must be graphical problems. So out of sheer whim I decide to take out my graphic cards and look at them and then put them back in, thinking that maybe they will reset and everything will be fine. I really don't know anything about that kinda stuff so the idea was plausible to me at the time. After that fails to change anything. I give up and go to bed.

I wake up like 12 hours later ROFL! An Idea hits me. Try plugging your monitor into your bottom(2nd) video card. So I do and now everything is visible again. EXCEPT!!!! in the device manager section where you can view your hardware. My 1st video card isn't showing up as even being connected. I'm going to mess around with it some more but I really don't know what i'm doing.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix it or what happened to it or did I blow it up somehow and it's fubar'd? I can run with one card but I really want the other one back I feel naked without it.

So I took the top card out again and looked it over and the only thing that I can that tell is different from the bottom card is this....

1- http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a48/Crescent_Moon/1218081224.jpg

2- http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a48/Crescent_Moon/1218081225.jpg

3- http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a48/Crescent_Moon/1218081228-edit.jpg

4- http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a48/Crescent_Moon/1218081228a-edit.jpg

I really wish my camera phone took higher quality pictures.
What I'm trying to bring notice to is in pictures 3 and 4. Notice that the top gray circle thing has exploded and now has a crack like opening in the top. Reminds me of the old fashioned popcorn things made of aluminum foil that you cooked on the stove top. It also has very small brown hair like fibers sticking out of it.

I think I've blown it up for sure because! When I turn my computer on it is giving me this error and i have to press the reset button to get rid of it and make it start normally.

"1AMD North Bridge, Rev G1
PMU ROM Version = 5A01"

"AMD Athlon 64x2 Duel Core Processor 5000+ 2.60 GHz
Speed 2.61 GHz
DRAM clocking = 800MHz, Single-Chanenel"

"WARNING!!! The previous preformance of overclocking is failed, and system is restored to the defaults setting."

"Press delete to enter setup or press tab for boot menu.
Press any key to continue."

That's the full error.
I've never overclocked anything and I don't even know how too.
This error is talking about my processor tho? Something crazy is going on here.
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  1. The picture is blurry, but that looks like a blown capacitor possibly. If that is the case, the card was defective and I'd try RMAing it (is it still under warranty?). As for your other error, does that come up if only the good card is in?
  2. it has reset your bios to defaults, so if you had to set anything to get your sli working in the bios - you'll need to redo it.

    also could be worth testing the cards one at a time.
  3. EXT64
    yes the error comes up as soon as I turn my computer on and the weird part is I can't use my keyboard to press the buttons. So I just reset it again and it goes away and loads normally. This is with the good card and the bad card in.
    The card is about 2 - 2.5 years old. so no it's not under warranty. I wish it was. what is "RMAing it" I have no idea what that means lol. sorry.

    I didn't have to set anything for SLI except in my Nvidia control panel. Just one check box. I'm going to try and see if the error pops up if I take the broken card out.
  4. Sounds like you might have a failing power supply or one that doesn't provide consistent power...or you are the unlucky recipient of a power surge/brown out. If you are seeing that your motherboard is popping up warnings and errors after the shutdown, I would be willing to bet some screwy power got sent through your system to cause this.
  5. RMA means to return the card to the manufacturer for replacement. EVGA has a lifetime warranty, but you may have had to register in the first month or something. Not really sure as I haven't owned an EVGA since my 6800.

    Have you tried booting with only the good card in? Does this error come up every time you try to boot? The thing I am worrying about is a blown capacitor in the electrical circuit could have hurt the motherboard.
  6. the only thing that seems to be affect is my top video card. The bottom one works fine. it's odd. I know that it just went dead after that crash on Call of Duty World at War. And i'm guessing the error might be from me opening up my computer and messing with everything. I don't know.

    One thing that's strange to me is.
    If I hold down what I call the reset button located right beside my power button. It makes some of the fans in my computer speed up. Not sure why but I tried holding it down and they got all fast...I think it's my graphics card fans not 100% sure tho. Probably doesn't have much to do with it tho.

    Can I replace that capacitor thing and fix it? or would that even make my card mess up to begin with?
  7. rubix brings up a good point. What is your power supply (make, amperage, wattage, age).
  8. That is definately a blow cap. http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a [...] a-edit.jpg
  9. I don't know for sure...let me find my papers and i'll get right back to you on that. power supply
  10. You can replace capacitors (technically), but it would be quite difficult (to find the right one and then re solder it) and may not even fix it (it could have damaged other parts). And yes, if a capacitor in the power regulation section blows, it will kill the card.
  11. One way or another, you are the victim of bad power coming from somewhere...and I would be willing to bet that your outlet is to blame. :)

    #1, determine PSU specs...replace with a reputable brand/model. Google Power Supply Tiers for info on which ones.

    #2, get a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for your system. If you aren't sure what it is, its basically a surge suppressor, battery and power conditioner all in one. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uninterruptible_power_supply

    Just because only one component bit the dust now, all the rest are still in danger.
  12. The Power supply is

    APEX SL-8600EPS 600W PSU
    Going to try to load it without the busted card now.
  13. The error is gone. I just shut down my computer and turned it back on and it loaded fine. I didn't touch anything. I just shut it down. I didn't touch the cards I mean.
  14. Sounds like (fortunately) nothing else was damaged. I'm afraid I don't think anything can be done for your card, though.
  15. I messed with the cards again and I believe the error only happens when I have the broken card in.

    I took the broken card out for good and the error is gone.

    This might sound dumb but the front of my has a bright light behind the case. The wire has a short in it and it makes a loose connection to the light. Could that flickering on and off so much have messed with my power flow and somehow cause my card to blow up? I know that's far fetched but it can't hurt to ask.

    If not then should I be worried about my other parts? Could the same thing happen. I know that rubix said i'm in danger and that scares me because I don't want anything to happen to the other parts. The computer is about 2.5 years old and this is the 1st real problem I've had.
  16. It is possible that your PS is flaky and that caused the damage, however it very well could be that capacitor was not made quite right and just wore out on its own as it aged. I really don't know what to tell you, I don't know any way to check and I've never had a part die 2.5 years down the road (most of mine seem to be DOA or last forever). You could keep an eye on the voltages, though normally I have issues with not enough power, not too much. You do have a surge protector, correct?
  17. correct, I had a cheap 6way plug-in but got rid of that today for fear of overloading it with all the things plugged into it.

    Now i'm just using a regular wall socket.
  18. In the US, in a living room or bedroom, not a kitchen tho. there is generally a 15A circuit. 120 Volts X 15A = 1800W. The outlet is a power supply to whatever you plug into it. I have a power strip and it is full of things plugged into it. It's ok tho, because, there is a over current breaker in the electrical panel that will trip if there is too much current being drawn. IE. over 15A. So theoretically you can plug in 1000 things. as long as they don't draw more than 15A combined you will be fine. Cheap power supplies can wreck your day and the rest of your computer.
  19. thanks for all the help everyone.
    I guess i'm going to have to trash it.
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