Ram won't run in dual channel

Hi all,

Got a problem that I have been struggling with for a few days. My setup first:

ASUS M2N-X mobo
AMD 64 X2 6000+ Processor
AMI v02.58 BIOS
ASUS EN9600GT Graphics Card
Seagate 250gb Sata
Western Digital 120gb IDE
Crappy Shaw 550W PSU

So I bought the system from MSY over a year ago with 2x1gb DDR2 Generic 667 sticks of ram.

The system was running dual channel fine.

I upgraded to a Super Talent 2x2gb DDR 800 sticks of ram.

Now my mobo will only recognise 1 stick of ram. I have even replaced the original 2x1gb sticks and cannot for the life of me get the mobo to recognise dual channel again.

Can anyone help me?

I have attached some pics of my BIOS settings, can anyone teel me what I have to do to get my mobo to read dual channel again????


Thanks all!
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  1. kingston s website didnt recommnd 2 *2G ram for this board
  2. Maybe one of the pipelines on the mobo to the second DIMM has been broken. Try your old DIMM in the same slot as the one it won't recognise is now.
  3. Hey all, thanks for the replies.

    I too thought the mobo would only support 2gb ram as per my manual, but I found this:


    and this:


    Which says it supports up to 4gb.

    I have also had the 2x1gb sticks working in dual channel, but when I even revert back to those the bios is only picking up the single channel?

    Any other ideas/thoughts?

    I only have two slots for the ram to run in so I'm pretty sure they are in the right slots.

    What are the pipelines? Are these replaceable?
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