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I need help picking a case. I am going to get a ati 4870 (512mb version) graphics card if you are wondering.
Any any way here are the two I am looking at.

Which one should I get, Also if you have any other cases please show them. I am looking for a case with good air flow and to be priced around 100 nothing higher then 110.

For the first case I love how the hdd's bays are set up, In the second one there not placed to my liking. But I love the style and the fans on the second one.

So if anyone can find a great case or help me decide it would be great.
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  1. I would suggest the CoolerMaster CM690 ATX Mid-Tower Case. The problem is both cases are popular with gamers and both have been recommended by veteran posters at this forum. It boils down to personal preference. Buy the one you like that meets your requirements and is within your budget.
  2. ok. Thanks. Ill look more into these two and try to find the one I really like.
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