Date recovery from Maxtor One Touch III

I dropped the Maxtor One Touch III to the floor pretty badly. After that it had only momentarily beep sound and could not be detected from Win XP. I took the drive out from the enclosure and hooked it up with the IDE cable and power cord, still no luck from XP but only beep sound could be heard. Now the beep sound is gone and I don't feel anything coming from the drive except a bit warm (with the IDE cable and power cord).

So what is the best way to retrieve the data? Any good data recovery softwares? I know there are bunch of places that advertise for data recovery but charges a lot.
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  1. There are dozens of recovery programs like available on the market.

    Freeware - most undelete ability, very simple and weak in recovery.
    Shareware - varies, the best is the one which find your files.

    To your case, maxtor drive probably got physically damaged and that is beyond all recovery programs. But you still can try some software.

    To my experience, it is better that you send them to a data recovery service center to restore files manually.

    Good luck.
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