Computer not shutting down properly!

Hey guys ... Well I have an old PC from like 3 years ago, which had a DFI SLI-DR motherboard in it ... Now recently that motherboard got shot, and I had to get another motherboard which was compatible with the old AMD 939 socket type ... So I got the Foxconn Winfast NF4SK8AA-8KRS Motherboard ..

Now with this new motherboard, I am experiencing a very strange problem. When I shutdown my computer from Windows, even though everything seems to 'turn off' (you can't hear anything), there are still signs that the PC is not 100% off ... Specifically, the computer is still supplying power to its connected peripherals !?!?

For example:
- The PS/2 keyboard's 3 LEDs are on (CAPS LOCK, SCROLL LOCK, NUM LOCK)
- The PS/2 Optical Mouse's red light from underneath is on
- I have an external 1TB HDD ... This HDD's red/write LED is flashing ..
- I have an external USB Dongle too ... This dongle's blue LED is also on ..

So all these signs point towards one thing that the PC is not 100% off when I shut it down ..

Below I am posting my motherboard's current settings from its BIOS .. please have a look and tell me if there is anything I can do to resolve this issue .. Thanks in advance guys :)

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  1. All I can see and think to try is on the Power Management screen in your BIOS settings, change the Power Management from User Defined to Auto (or whatever it calls the setting that means "automatic"). If that doesn't work try each of those settings on that screen changing them one by one until you fix the problem. And if that doesn't work I'm out of ideas.
  2. When you say there are signs its not off. Do you see the cpu fan spining or the case fans. Also remove all your peripheral connected devices. such as your external hard drive. You said that the red activity light is on. it sounds like the system is trying to access the drive at shutdown and thus its not completing the shutdown process. remove these and see what happens
  3. the cpu fans stop spinning .. but the external peripherals are still receiving some power signal ..
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