Which PSU form factor?

I have a Lian Li PC-402A case that was given to me. Looking now to put a system together. Box says it is Mini Flex ATX. Looks to me like it will take mini-ITX mainboard.

But what PSU will fit this case? Originally it came with a PSU, but mine is lacking one. This pic shows the back of the unit.

4 screws would hold the PSU, but a separate mount is there for a power cord connector. Can not find any PSU that has such a config. I looked at newegg at all the different form factors and nothing looks like it will fit.

Am I going to have to mod this thing? Any suggestions on what PSU form factor will work best?
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  1. Mounting something like the shuttle PSU and then snaking the power cord through the opening which the female male connector should have occupied sounds like a decent enough workaround.

    But does anyone know of a source for some sort of female male connector extender that would connect the PSU connector to a connector that can be mounted in the opening in the case? Maybe this is more of a specialty electronics item rather than a typical computer item to be found on newegg for example. Any suggestions for sources of electronic parts like that?
  2. Thinking now about doing the following. Would be interested in any sanity check comments you folks might have.

    Male IEC connectors are what I would need. Found them at multiple sources such as at Parts Express.


    Then get a typical power cord and cut the end off with the female connector and solder the three conductors directly onto the IEC connector leaving enough cord (a few inches) to connect it into the IEC Male connector on the power supply.

    What I ultimately need is IEC C14 chasis socket (which is male)

    mounted in the case on one end and IEC C13 line plug (which is female)

    on the other end and which will plug into the C14 on the power supply inside the case.
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