Cpu pins accidentally touch ac5

hi dudes!!

well last night i was cleaning my cpu (intel i7 920)
i was cleaning it on a foam, that f****g foam had a arctic silver 5 left on some sides!
and some pins have i little thermal paste,, pretty tiny though!

i am worried to frie my processor!
i already clean all that i could (used cotton buds)

any suggestions guyz!?

am afraid to broke my mobo too!!

damn it
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  1. Ive done it before...listen, just take some very very pure rubbing alcohol and wipe the pins clean...it'll evaporate in the air. Use a cotton swap dipped in it. Be very careful and gentle. Some may have a better idea, but I did that and it worked, no problem.
  2. really!??
    well i clean this morning and thre is soooooooo tiny spot!!

    i dont have an isoprphyl alcohol but i use etilic alcohol!!

    should work!?

    tonight i'll be mounting my cpu waterblock, how long should i wait before i use my cpu!??
  3. That should work, but really isoprphyl alcohol is only like $1 at the store. Since the 920 has contact points, not pins, just wipe it carefully and make sure to get all the silver out of that. If you got some of it on the motherboard pins though, well that's a little more delicate. If you have to clean the motherboard pins make sure you disconnect it and take out the CMOS battery first.
  4. problem solved dudes!!
    i just used those cotton buds..

    run my system fine!

    no beep neither strange effects!!!!!!

    thanks to ya
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