Dual non-SLI video cards in ASUS Maximus Motherboard won't boot

I have a custom built PC based upon the ASUS MAXIMUS Formula with a EVGA GeForce 8800 GT video card. Everything works great. I wanted to add a second identical video card to support four monitors. When I add the second card in, the PC will no longer boot. The external LCD Poster just says CPU INIT. The fans, disk drives, etc. do not power up. If I take the second video card back out, it boots up fine. The power supply is a 650 watt ANTEC which the box indicates that it supports dual video cards. Any idea as to what I need to do to support two video cards not linked via SLI? TIA!
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  1. Are you OCing, what type of memory do you have and have you updated your BIOS. One other thing isn't that mother board used for ATI cards?
  2. I am not Overclocking and I have not updated the BIOS. The problem turned out to be the power supply at 650 watts was inadequate. When I swapped in a 850 watt power supply, then the PC booted up just fine. Thanks!
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