AM2/AM3 adapter for Coolermaster Hyper 48?


Thanks to everyone who reads this!

I have been using the Coolermaster Hyper 48 HSF for about 6 years now on a 775 pin P4. It is an AMAZING cooler and I want to use it on my new system which is an AMD Phenom II x2 in an AM2/AM3 socket.

Does anyone know if I can buy an adapter to make it work?

Thanks, I have no money for a new HSF so any help is really appreciated!
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  1. I pretty sure there's no adapter...I'm surprised the fan didn't die on that thing...or did it?
  2. Lol no the Coolermaster is still going strong... unfortunately the mobo it is currently attached to didn't make it!
  3. strong heatsink/fan...I wen't on the cooler master site and they don't have an adapter so you would have to find some $$ for a new heatsink...
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