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Hello folks,

I have a Intel Core i7 @ factory 2.8GHz LGA 1156 running on an Asus P7P55 WS SuperComputer motherboard. I would like to run the automatic turbov overclocker but I only have a stock cooler on my CPU. Is this a bad idea?

This may or may not mean anything, but I'm using a Cooler Master HAF 932 case which seems to have quite excellent cooling and cable organization. It has 3 x 230mm fans and 1 x 140mm fan. Does that make that much of a difference for the CPU heatsink/fan or is upgrading from the intel cooler highly suggested to run TurboV?

I'm idling at 31C right now with the stock cooler.
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  1. I would also like to add that I DID purchase an aftermarket cooler from Best Buy. It's made by Rocketfish and is supposedly a rebranded Cooler Master TX3. Few minutes after installing I saw my CPU skyrocket up to 80C idling so I removed it and reinstalled the stock cooler.

    Looking at the thermal compound it obviously made a good seal. Is it just a horrible cooler? Any ideas on that? I'm scared to try it again. I'm afraid my CPU will fry.
  2. Anyone?
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    I have the HAF 932 for one of my own systems. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. It can accomodate any cpu heatsink currently available.

    Gamers and enthusiasts like to install those tall, tower style, cpu heatsinks to improve cpu cooling. Your rebranded TX3 is an older model

    Here is a link to a recent Tom's Hardware article with useful information about 10 popular cpu heatsinks for Intel LGA 1156 cpu's:,2535.html

    Personally, I recommend the Coolermaster Hyper 212+. Currently it is the best value for the money. In the USA it can usually be found on sale for $29.99. I have the original Hyper 212 in my HAF 932. Thermal results are outstanding. Recently I bought an adapter bracket for my new Intel Core i7 860. I am going to pull the 212 and install it in my i7 860 system just to see what it can do.
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  5. If your new at instaling heatsinks you probably messed it up. What methods of Thermal paste application did you use? Is the cooler you bought use the pushpin method to mount? Did you look at the bottom of the mobo to make sure all 4 pins were seated? You didn't pull the Mobo out of the case, clean all the old paste from the previous cooler off with alcohol and use good paste, applying it properly, did you?

    Tighening the pins in a cross manner, inspecting the bottom of the mobo as you did it?

    Making sure all 4 pins are properly set?

    This is more of an opening your eyes reply. Installing a new HS is all part of the above... I didn't know................

    Use Realtemp to measure temps. Use Prime 95 small ffts for 10 minutes with air cooling to see max temps.

    80C idle, you screwed something up...............
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