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Is there any way to keep fans running in max speeds all the time? If so i can't figure out how to do that. In my system set-up i can't find the fan controllers. So now i just have to ask you guys. If you guys know a software or something else please tell me.
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  1. just buy a fan control kit.

    BTW, why would you want to keep your fans at max speed all the time? Aint that gonna be a little too noisy? :o

    If you want to make your rig cooler, try looking for good silent 120mm fans. :D
  2. Fan controllers work, if plugged into your motherboards fan header, you might be able to set it from your bios.

    Why on earth would you want to keep your fans at 100 percent all the time? Running fans at max produces a lot of noise, too much for my liking. Just setting them at or around 70-75 percent, should do the job, and be significantly more quiet.
  3. If your cpu heatsink fan is not running full speed all the time, then a power management setting in the BIOS is enabled. It monitors your cpu's temperature and adjusts the heatsink fan accordingly. Other fans connected to the motherboard may or may not be monitored and/or controlled by the system.

    The cpu heatsink fan must be plugged into the cpu_fan connection on the motherboard. That is mandatory. if you do not do that, then you computer will not work.

    All other fans may be connected to the power supply. When connected to the power supply the fans will operate at full speed. You may have to use an adapter cable to daisy change the fans and plug them into your power supply.

    You may also need an extension cable to reach the adapter:

    starges - Noise is not an issue for me so I just keep my fans running at 100% all the time. No need for a fan controller.
  4. Hmm... you said fan OCing....

    On a serious note, +1 for above post.
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