What's the best asus motherboard for dual core pentium D940

I'm looking for an older Asus motherboard that I can overclock my dual core pentium D 940, and it must sport DDR2 667 and AGP graphic card 'cause I wanna use my old graphic card. Thanks for your help
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  1. For anything as ancient as AGP, you'll have to go with ebay. In any case, the D 940 was pretty near its max speed when stock, so I wouldn't expect any noticeable performance improvement from OCing it.
  2. For a new board this is the best you can do

    ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 $59.99

    ASRock is the budget arm of Asus but since it seems like the parent company lets them do their own thing they come out with some cool and interesting products. If you want anything better you're gonna have to go on ebay. The Pentium D 940 is already running at 3.2Ghz, and the max a Pentium D dual core can really do on a standard air cooler without throttling under load, usually, is 3.6GHz. If you want to significantly overclock it I would recommend looking into liquid cooling.
  3. thanks guys for advice!!!
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