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I downloaded AVAST i think that was the virus cleaner. It wiped out a lot of registry information for me and now i can no longer log into the machine. Every time I start the machine my machine shuts down on it's own. I even tried in safe mode and it does not work. Please can someone help me understand what I need to do to just get into the machine once to clean it up or how can I start the machine. Do i need a boot Cd and if so which one. I tired taking the XP CD and stating it through the CD and it does not work either.
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  1. I take it that you at least get the first few seconds of POST screens so you can get into the BIOS?
    If so, start the machine and get into the BIOS, then change the boot proirity to make CD the first boot device, otherwise it`ll try to boot from HDD or floppy, which you do n`t want. Pop the Windows CD into the drive and reboot.
    You should get the install/repair options, and then reinstall.
  2. i have tried that and still nothing. I does not ready the Cd, it just starts the machine over and over again in a loop. At one point i got a dead blue screen with the error message IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.
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