serious predicament over hardware

Here's the problem i currently have a

intel qx6700
evga 680i
ocz reaper 1gb ddr2 800mhz x 4
8800gtx ac3 oc

Now im not really interested in upgrading as this set up does the job fine for the moment, however my motherboard now wont boot and instead the light on the motherboard comes on very dim. I googled this issue and it turns out that its a problem with alot of 680i boards and i could not find any solution other than replacing. I have had this board about 2 years so any warrenty has definitly expired which means replacing the board.

Now the problem arrises as i dont want to waste another £200+ ($350 ish) on a replacement as its a bad investment due to the fact in some time in the future i might want to upgrade components but of course with the new nehalem range of processors it makes sense to get a board that supports that but of course that means getting a new board and processor and perhaps new ram is ddr2 ok to work in ddr3 slots + the nehalem boards say 1066/1600 etc mine is 800 so not compatible? this problem seems to snowball into one large sum of money.
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  1. Kind of like your writing snowballs all into 1 long sentence that it is almost impossible to make any sense out of?
    If the PC does the job fine, just buy a new motherboard.
    You can find a much cheaper motherboard than $350. You do not need another EVGA 680i. Absolutely no reason to buy one.
    Any decent $100 board with a P35 chipset would work fine for your hardware.
    The i7 boards use only DDR3.
  2. Sorry, those run on sentences are giving me a head ache.

    Get a new ASUS or Gigabyte Intel based P45 motherboard for around $100 and keep all of your other componets.
    You can locate some good ones Here.
    As you are still happy with the performance of your current setup, there is no reason to spend a lot of money getting an i7 system.
  3. Gigabyte EP35 in its various forms is a good choice.
  4. Gigabyte EP45 would probably a better bet! Dont waste any money on those shocking 680i chipset boards!!!
  5. asus p5q pro would also be a good board to replace with.
  6. some great advice thanks guys
  7. :D No worriessssssss
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