PC restarts without warning no BSOD or error messages!

Hey guys i have been a reader of Toms Hardware for years, now the time has come to actually post with a problem :P

so about a month ago i built a pc:

Core i5 750
Thermalright Mux 120
Gigabyte P55a-UD4p
4GB of DDR3 XMP 1333mhz Ram
XFX HD5770 (XXX Edition)
1TB WD Caviar Green
Scythe Kamariki 4 650W (Modular)

and several days ago i started overclocking. went for a simple 3.20Ghz OC for minimal Voltage increase. and just changed the mobos default ram settings and replaced with correct settings and voltages.

but since OCing i get random restarts when playing games such as Bad Company 2 and Team Fortress 2 about an hour into gaming. i played around with voltages but to no success. Memtest runs fine for well over 8 hours. and CoreTemps are well with in safe zone.

so i put every thing back to default settings and yet im still getting these restarts!

Turning off automatic restart feature in windows and all i get is a frozen image of what ever game i am playing.

Running Prime95's Torture Test (Blend) i get an almost instant crash, same symptom screen freezes.

i can run Intels Burn Test program on high and pass every time!

the only thing i can think of is PSU troubles but i have nothing to test it!

Any help would be great thanks guys :)
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  1. Well the burn in test mainly is for your cpu so if that passes your CPU is not the culprit. The Prime95 blend test heavily tests the RAM if that is failing and crashing you computer immediately I would say its a RAM issue you are having.

    Just because memtest passes doesn't mean there isnt a problem. I tend to find that Prime 95 will find errors where other programs cant thats why we all use it. Make sure all your setting for your ram are set correctly in bios check voltage, timings, and frequency. Also check to make sure your memory multiplier isn't set too high.
  2. Just found out I obviously did not have every thing at default settings becuase I just had prime95 running blend tests with the Ram set at 1066mhz. But soon as I crank it up to native 1333mhz and put the voltage to 1.6v I start getting restarts again : / so it's deff the ram. The pre set XMP profiles that the ram is supposed to run at don't work : / so does this mean bad ram or is the mobo being difficult?
  3. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Check if your cooler and fan cooler are installed correctly.
  4. There's a good chance that you are overclocking your RAM and that is killing your CPU overclock.
  5. My feeling is that you have the right feeling. If you did set everything to default then, I can't see a problem with any of the hardware since it functioned normally before. While OCing, only two things get affected by high voltage and high temps, that's usually the RAM and the Graphics cards...... we usually see them end up with permanent problems, Processors either burn out or then just don't seem to be that much affected with the OCing thing.
    The PSU, might just get into a problem 'cos of the increasing demand of current in the machine, and since that is one thing that does control a lot , I guess, you should start with another PSU first, then try the RAM and then the Graphics card.
    One by one and see where the actual problem has occurred. My feeling is still, the PSU.....
    Anyways , let us know whats going on when you finally reach the answer.
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