9800gtx+ problem need help.

in June i got a 8500GT and i was upgrading from the on-board. now today i got a 9800GTX+ and we put it in and plugged everything in and when i turn on my computer my monitor stays blank even though the card and computer are both on and i even hear sounds of Windows Vista starting up my monitor stays blank. i called EVGA and asked them we were on the phone for 30 minutes and he said i am going to have to call the people who made the motherboard and ask them how to disable my on-board because he says that the on-board is most likely set as my default so it will not reconize the 9800GTX+. and i am hearing people say do to your BIOS but they don't say how to get there or what to do when you get in there i would just really thank you for helping me solve my problem without having to wait for the motherboard company to open. Thanks.
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  1. well usually right after you turn the pc on you start tapping the delete key and it should take you to bios. then you need to look for on-board graphics and disable it
  2. You are going to have to hook your monitor back up to your on board graphics port. Then turn on your computer. On start-up you should have a Logo come up on the screen, in that screen hit Delete or F1. That sould get you in to the Bios. Useing the key-board search for on board graphics. Switch it from enable to disable, then hit F10 to save settings.
    When it restarts your screen should be blank agian. Hold in the Start Button until it shuts down. Change your monitor connection back to the 9800. Then start . You will probably want to install the driver that came with the card. Don't up-date until you run for at least a couple of hours.
  3. Sorry Coop42 you posted while I was in the middle of typing
  4. My 2 cents....
    I installed the XFX GeForce 9800GTX+ and faced the same problem. My solution was simple, I hadn't connected all the pins to the mobo. Look for 2 4-pinners coming from your PSU which may need to go in somewere on the mobo. I'll look up what connectors they were exactly and give you exact details. Sorry for not being specific.
  5. Great! I'll wait on your reply. Are you talking about 4 pin molex??
  6. i went into safe mode and went to Device Manager and disabled the on-board but my 9800 still won't turn on.
  7. ok a 9800GTX+ needs 2 six-pin power connectors, so first check that. the only 9800GTX+ that needs just one six-pin power is the new 1GB 9800GTX+ by EVGA. so make sure you have 2 plugged into ure card. then go into the bios and there is an option to make the pci-e card the primary (show boot screen) you can choose between onboard or pci-e, of course choose pci-e. sorry its been a while since ive had to look at my bios so if some one could clear up what im saying to help this guy, thanks.
  8. So you did actually get a display? From the onboard graphics?

    Most modern motherboard turn them off automatically.

    First of all, you need to see display from the start. This has nothing to do with Windows Device manager because at that point, Windows haven't start yet.

    Do you have 2 DVI port on the graphic card? Have you tried both port?

    If the card is inside your PC and your onboard graphic is working, that means the motherboard didn't detect the card, either its not installed properly or its defective.
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