Core i7 920 Overclocking

I'm wanting to overclock this CPU. I really dont wanna go watercooling. Just Fan/Heatsink. Can anyone tell me the best Fan/heatsink out there for my CPU?

And was wondering what is a decent clock speed i should be able to run safely. I've been reading around 3.2 / 3.4
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  1. Did you look at the overclocking guide under overclocking on this overclocking forum?

    I mean you can ask a lot of questions and wait for replies but if you read that guide you will go a lot faster....

    3.33 is an easy and safe OC for a 920. There is no BEST anything - much less heatsink. There are lots of reviews that test these things and then you decide what you want to spend for the cooling (and noise) you will get...
  2. vvhocare5 is right - that guide references several coolers early in the discussion.

    Watch out with your configuration; these chillers are big, and will not fit into every case. I got a Thermalright 120 extreme, and a CoolerMaster Scout mid-tower case, which seemed to be plenty big enough. Had to take the top fan out to fit the cooler. No problem in the end – just moved it to the side of the case where it blows on my GPU. Very satisfied.

    I have a 920 that is running cool and relatively stable at 3.7 Ghz. Follow the instructions, learn, don't be afraid to get that BSOD. Just be careful: it can become addicting!
  3. I got mine to 3.2 with ease.

    Didnt have to fuss with voltage all I did was under clock my memory, so the memory is running slightly slower than its rated 1333.

    Prime 95 overnight 0 errors. Max temp of 61c on a cooler master v8. my stock vcore is 1.29, from what ive been seeing people have gotten up to 3.6 on less than that and it would probably lower my temps even more if I lowered vcore.
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