I can't install XP on my Eee PC 900a because I have a corrupt HD

I am having a problem that involves many factors, so please read everything:

I want to install Windows XP on my Eee PC 900a. I have already formatted the entire hard drive so there is currently no OS present. Not sure if I partitioned it wrong or what.

My computer has no CD drive so I have to make a bootable USB flash drive. I do this successfully with either one of these software's: "Flash Boot", "Winflash" or "A bootable USB". I am using an ISO, which is the Windows XP SP2, to make the bootable USB. This is not the problem.

When I start the computer up and boot from the USB, it goes to the blue windows xp setup screen, and at the bottom it says the setup is being prepared and you can see it going through an array of files, one after another. Once this is done, all of a sudden my computer gets blue screened with an error that basically says I need to run a scan disk and also check for viruses. Also that my hard drive is corrupted!

I read in different places on the internet that some people say you should go to the BIOS and change the config to "OS installation", or to "Compatibility mode". Well this BIOS doesn't have that, and it wouldn't fix my corrupted hard drive anyways.

I am now with a computer, with no operating system because of the formatted hard drive. Now when I start the computer all it says is "BOOTMNG is missing, press Ctrl + ALT + Del to restart". and this is just a continuous repeating cycle.

How can I repair my hard drive so it is functional again so I can finally install XP?

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  1. I would say at first that you have a corrupt installation ISO. Other symptoms maybe caused by cables plugged backwards or HD not in the right Jumper sequence for cable.
    How did you format HD if you cannot get to the partition and format menu ?
    Bluescreen errors at this point can only be caused by HW, badly configured or wrong type. Check memory with memtestx86 (x64), it has a usb flash boot utility, if it passes the first 8 tests, you can assume memory is good for now.
  2. Get a USB external CD drvie and run the XP setup off that, I have had nothing but issues installing XP from a USB drive. If the drive is actually bad, you can't repair it, just get a new one. You don't want to be messing with a possibly bad hard-drive even if XP does install at some point.
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