Need upgrade for a Celeron 2.0 128/400 478pin

I have a older Hp 533w with a very slow Celeron 2.0 128/400 478pin (mostly compared to what's out there now). I do have 1gig (2x512) DDR memory installed which helps. I would like to upgrade to a faster processor but I'm not sure on what. I'm thinking about a P4 but.........
Please Help and Thank You in advance.
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  1. there is no point putting money into that system. Im sorry but its true. Nothing you install in there will make anything faster by todays standards. I recommend making or buying a new computer.

    sorry bro...
  2. As "customisbetter" said the Socket 478 chips are a few generations behind. However a quick poke around on ebay reveals a lot of old socket 478 chips can be had fairly cheaply.

    The question is what do you wan to do with your PC? If you want to speed up general office apps then the ebay route would be worth a look. However if you are thinking or running modern games.... then Im afraid its time to start over.
  3. ^+1.
  4. honestly i wouldn't put any money into that system. you could build a brand new, far better system for about $200, providing you can reuse some of your existing components like hard drive, power supply, keyboard etc.
  5. ^another +1 here its not worth it
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