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Zalman reserator 1 v2 with WB4 water block

Hi guys
I'm a newbbie in this forum so please be... =)

I just got a Reserator 1 v2 and it has a WB4 water block wich I believe they are made for 775 socket. But I'm running i7 a 1366 socket.
What can I do?
Is buying a new WB5 the only way for me?

Thanks alot =)
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  1. Junk the entire thing. The Zalman is cr@p I'm sorry. Don't bother wasting money on a WB5.

    If you want REAL water cooling start here:

    I admit, it's a decent amount of money over the Zalman, but you get MUCH better cooling, esp. for an i7 920/930,etc.
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    Lets restart.

    The Zalman does NOT have the capability to cool an i7 CPU. No matter what the high payed marketers who got you to buy it in the first place. Under load you need to be able to remove 250 watts of heat. You can't do it with a vertical tube of aluminum.

    You can buy the W5 CPU block. And might as well buy a new few hundred $$ tube and put them in series, you will need it.

    The pumps in the Z's are known for early failure. It's a piece of junk. You might as well buy a top WC pump for WCooling. Laing D5 (aka MCP 655) and stop relying on the Z pump.

    So. I have expanded on Shadows input. You might consider sending the Z back if you can and start over with the Sticky link at the top of this forum. Wish you saw it first, I almost made the same mistake, but I spent 3 months researching before I made my decision of what was right, and what was junk. Zalman is junk.

    My rig now, wasn't like this when I began watercooling.
  3. Thanks all
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  5. Shadow703793 said:
    Junk the entire thing. The Zalman is cr@p I'm sorry. Don't bother wasting money on a WB5.

    Shadow70 are wrong! I have been using Zalman Reserator for years, and its a great for cooling and it is absolutely silent! I use it for my Core2Quad. Works like a dream! :)
    I haven't testet it on i7 etc, but saying the Zalman is crap, is just a lame ignorant statement!
  6. Thanks for resurrecting a thread that has been dead for a year and a half...nice work. Where did you find this thread and what provoked you to comment on it, given the last-posted message date?

    No, to reiterate... Zalman Reserator watercooling is pretty much crap; about the same level or worse than Thermaltake Bigwater. They have very weak pumps, blocks designed for hardware 5 years ago and they use aluminum, brass and copper...galvanic corrosion nightmare.

    Works like a dream!

    Then I'd hate to see what your nightmares are like. Moving this into the watercooling forum...maybe we can convince you otherwise...please open a new thread to discuss.

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