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I have a few servers with multiple NIC's I have an MPLS network setup and all machines are communicating correctly this is a mesh of T-1 lines all using one nic in each server.

I have a second network, there is a seperate cable internet connection. I have a vpn setup between one oher site with another cable internet connection.

So my question is Can I have all the servers and users working through nic one on the T-1 / MPLS network then use Nic 2 to connect to the Cable Internet VPN networ to backup data to the other end of the VPN?

When I do his now and enable Nic2 vpn network the regular traffic is trying to use this network. Any way to change this?

Does this make sense?

Thanks Mike
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  1. Can you draw a picture of your network and post it, including IP networks? You normally control traffic through routing.
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