Thermaltake Silent 1156 (install)

Currently running an i7 860 w/stock intel cooler. MB is a Intel DPWG
I just got the TT cooler free from a friend. Never been used. I know it's a push pin cooler but it should help with temps a bit. Did I mention it was free :kaola:

My question is: Is it easy to install this cooler without removing the MB and with all 4 ram slots filled?

Thank ya' kindly.
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  1. Depends on whether you can access the bottom of the motherboard where the heatsink backplate is located. Some motherboard trays have large opening to allow access to the backplate. Some motherboard trays do not have an an opening. Some motherboards have an opening that is too small or in the wrong place. It just depends.

    My last two cases had openings in the motherbaord tray but they were a little off center of the heatsink backplate. I had to remove the motherboard to install a new cpu heatsink.
  2. Just checked out a few reviews on the cooler in question. It looks like it would be a capable cooler for the i3-i5's with mild OC's. For the 860 just don't plan on OCing and it should be fine.

    As for the install, you shouldn't have any problems at all, it's a rather small cooler, should have lots of room and as Johnny has stated if you have a cutout in your MB tray to see if the pins have been seated properly you should be good to go.
  3. Thanks guys. I checked and it does have a big window so I can make sure the pins seat correctly.
    I'll go ahead and install it. Beats stock any day!
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