Desperate need help! monitor won't turn on


I have a Dell Dimension E510 Pentium D, 3.2Ghz duo core, 2GB of RAM, 301W power supply, with PCI express x16.

TODAY i followed the direction from the Video Card manual (bought it from It's a XFX GeForce 8600 GT DVI/TV/HD 256MB video card. Minimum requirements say at least 300W power supply, 1gb of ram, Window XP or above.

I have a Dell "19 Ultra Sharp which support both DVI/VGA.

After finish installation, I tried to turn on the PC, and was running successfully but the MONITOR just won't turn on (orange light) as suppose to green light. I thought this is a problem of compartiability since I connect the Monitor and CPU using a VGA cable. So then I purchase the DVI to plug into my CPU and Monitor. However still the monitor is blank black (orange blink light).

WHAT is my problem? PLEASE help me. thank you.
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  1. I would shut down the system, remove the power plug and remove the video card and reinstall it. If that doesn't work then I would suggest that you try to go back to onboard video to make sure its working fine. If so, then its quite possible that your power supply is a very cheap 300 watt and could possibly be inadequate.

    Hopefully your not trying to do heavy gaming with the 8600GT as it leaves a lot left to be desired.

    If you can get your hands on another video card to test then that might rule out that somethings wrong with your system and its likely to be a faulty card.

    I'd lean toward the power supply imo. These pc manufacturers really crap out on their selection of components to give you a cheap priced system.
  2. like englandr753 said, try to install the video card again and plug in everything back. somethimes you have to do that when you change from cables. also make sure the cables are properly connected.
  3. THANK YOU SO MUCCH!!! I finally get it to work after taking a short nap and came back here to check. lol

    I did exactly what you guys suggest, reinstall my video card. I took out my new video card, insert my old one in, then took it out, reinsert my new one in, and now it working probably!

    I think the problem is really me not insert the video card tightly which cause the video not to be recognized.

    Anyway thanks so much!
  4. im glad to hear that you resolve your issue.
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