XP Black Screen after Loading Screen, NO SAFE MODE EITHER

XP Black Screen after Loading Screen, NO SAFE MODE EITHER

I really need some help.
My windows XP desktop worked fine for the past two years. One day it shut down randomly. I could never get it to start again without going to the Black Screen. I have unsuccessfully attempted to start it in Safe Mode, VGA Mode, etc. NO LUCK.

Any suggestions? I really need to SOLVE THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. There are many important files i need to retrieve.
I tried Spotmau's BootSuite, no luck.

Any suggestions are more than greatly appreciated.

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  1. First question - Do you see a Post on Boot from Bios ?
    Second question - Does it boot on say FreeBSD off a CD ?
    Third - You can install XP fresh (leave file system as is do NOT format), you will have a running OS and all your files should be accessible on the HD. From here you can backup your stuff, then re-partition and re-format for a clean install OR you can run off the second install and delete old windows directory to free up space, re-install your apps.
  2. 1st Question - Yes, I believe so.
    2nd Question - I will attempt to boot using a FreeBSD cd.
    3rd Question - I do not have a windows XP disk anynmore.

    Any further speculation as to what the problem could be?
  3. is there is message displayed when it stops at the black screen? if so what does it say as it could help narrow down the issue for it.
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