Not overclocking-just concerned about I5-750 Temp under load

I do want to OC..just not yet-not sure what is going on. I just installed a new MB in my case..Gigabyte P55 with an I5-750 CPU. I am concerned about the temperatures...Idle it is around 49C...when I do prime 95 and let it run for a few minutes-it went up over 90C before I called it quits.
I am just using stock cooling..I thought it should be able to handle prime 95 if not OCing....I used Artic Silver 5 for my thermal paste.
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  1. That's too high a temp. You should be at around 30c or less on idle and around 65-70 under load. How did you apply the AS5? Best is to use a very small amount and have a thin a layer as you can get.

    Also, I would encourage you to invest in a aftermarket cooler. I use a Hyper 212 and it's the best for the money IMHO.
  2. I have it down to 75 under load-..the case sucks-I will admit. I ordered the Thermaltake Silent Cooler from New Egg-that should get me down into the low 60's..and when I get the new cooler I will reapply the Artic Silver-may have used a little too much,.
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