Can my hp simplesave pair with more than one computer

i bought a hp simplesve externtal storeage device for my work desktop. can I also use it for my laptop - it does not automatically come up on the laptop and does not want to seem to pair with the laptop. is this a one computer device? thanks
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  1. As far as I can tell, this external hard drive attaches to your computer by a common USB cable. It should attach to ANY computer with a USB port and no, it is not a one-computer device at all.

    So, why does it not work with your laptop? Well, first question: does it work with your desktop? Any new empty hard drive needs to be prepared for use by doing Partition and Format tasks on it. That only needs to be done once. So IF you have done this already and the unit works with your desktop, this part is done already and is NOT why the laptop does not "see" it. BUT if you have not done these things and the unit does not work with either of your machines, you need to do these steps. They can be done using Windows' built-in tool called Disk Management, or they can be done with utilities designed to make "preparing a disk for use" easy. If you got a CD of utilities with your Simplesave unit the tool probably is on there. If not, check the HP website for a free downloadable utility. Or, report here what your situation is and we can advise how to do the job with Disk Management.
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