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Hi All,
I have had a dual monitor set up with two video cards 7950GT KO and 8600GTS set up for a long time. They both use the same drivers so can be run simultaneously, I was wondering if this is a bad set up? Does the 7950GT bottleneck the capabilities of the 8600GTS? And yes, these are old video cards, I could buy a GTX260, but just wondering.
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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the 7950 was actually faster than the 8600. Of course, you can't run DX10.
  2. Yea, not running dx10 sucks. But i can live with it for now, until i invest in a better card. hm... i actually thought the 7950 was supposed to run slower than the 8600?
  3. huh? you're sli'ing two different gpu's? i didnt think that was within nvidias capabilities...
  4. lol no, not sli'ing. Just running parallel graphics cards, as long as they operate under the same drivers its possible.
  5. o.O

    doesnt that mean that it wouldn't be any better graphics though? so the two monitors display different things instead of stretching the game across them?

    so you can run different apps on each monitor = the two graphics cards dont work together?

    so wats the point. :lol:
  6. Thats a good point. but if i sli'd i can only use one monitor anyways. So you cant really span a game across more than one monitor?
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