What power supply for AMD X2 Dual Core?

PC builders like HP put these dinky 250w power supplies in and expect them to run the new AMD Dual Core processors. What is the recommended power supply for the new Athlon and Phenom chips?
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  1. Well personally I like the OCZ Ecostream but most brand name PSUs will completely smash the dinky PSU.
  2. Is that their new 600w?
  3. First you need to determine home much power your system actually requires:


    Second you need to determine which high quality power supply meets your requirements. Corsair and PC Power & Cooling both offer high quality psu's. They consistently earn high marks in technical reviews and comparisons. They are very stable and reliable. The psu's come in a variety of wattages and configurations.

    Generally we find that when people ask about psu's they usually overestimate their power requirements. It happens all the time at this forum.
  4. yes, but its good to have some breathing room
  5. In HP's defense, they install a big enough PSU to run the machine they are selling with no problems. Also, HP desktops are not made for the majority of this forums members. They are made for people like my grandma who don't even know the difference between the internet and a web browser. As JohnnyLucky pointed out, you have to determine how much power the system uses overall. If you look at 90% of OEM made machines, the CPU is the most power intensive device inside of them. You don't need a 500W+ PSU for a system running ntegrated graphics, one DVD drive, and one hard drive.
  6. I know, most people when they upgrade, they upgrade their entire system.
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