I plan on taking 2 Samsung F3 1TB hard drives and putting them in a raid0 array. These drives will mainly be for programs and games, I have another F3 for storage. I am aware of the risks when a drive fails and drops out of the array, but let's forget about that for now. If I did this relatively about how much performance increase would I get and would it be worth it? This would be on an ASUS Crosshair IV Formula with a AMD 1090T CPU.

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    I did a RAID 0... Then one drive failed. I had to re-install the OS.
    I can say that you do see a slight speed increase but since I've had the experience I had I would have to say it's not worth it and I will just wait to RAID something more relyable like a couple of SSD drives. But with the speed of 1 SSD a RAID setup may not be nessary.

    But all in all, yeah you will see a speed increase.
  2. Ok thanks, how much of a speed increase was it?
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