Best MOBO available for Q9550>?

Heya All, Looking into building myself a Ultimate Extreme Rig.

First of all, I'm going to have a Q9550 Processor. Going to Overclock it.

Maybe a GTX 260, but if I have money left over, I will definitely buy the GTX 280. In the near future, probably 3-5 months, I will buy another GPU, so which means I need a MOBO that supports SLI.

I'm going to start with 4gb ddr2 Kingston, but if I have money, will move up to a 4gb ddr2 G-skill. Will add another 4gb in Near future.

So my question is, I need a MOBO that supports the above 3, SLI Ready and is capable of OverClocking and is one of the best. Will be spending under $400 for the MOBO. My budget is $2500.

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  1. Skip the Q9550 and get an i7 rig.

    Click on the link in my sig.
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