4850 x2 vs gtx 280

I've been researching video cards for a few weeks and am still in a mess..
HD 4850x2 better in most benchmarks compared to gtx 280..
but heat problems ( heat is released in case)
and some games don't use 2 gpus
supposidly drivers are terrible for running both gpus

Gtx 280 is almost as fast and sometimes faster
dont have to worry about dual gpus
cooling is better.... and i think a safer buy

I dont have capability of sli/crossfire on my mobo so only 1 card...

I want to know which card to choose from..
also will they both fall in price in january?? should i wait till the 295? for the price?
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  1. the HD4850x2 is faster but you should wait for 295 it will bring prices down for sure and make things very interesting
  2. Yup you have successfully listed teh pros and cons for both.. except heat.. no idea where that is from.

    This post will become a fanboy-off in about 48 seconds so I would just run, buy whichever fits your budget and be happy (they are both marveous cards)
  3. Yes its faster, but is it worth driver/heat problems?
    When will the gtx 295 release?
    if so.. will the prices drop down to 280ish?
    Also I left out I'm playing cod4 and halo 2... i'm into fps
    will 2 video cards help?
  4. 1. THere are no heat problems.. they simply run at a higher temp.. most (all) have the exausht heatsink design anyway. Everything has driver issues, there are certain drivers that work fine.. so there are work arounds.

    2. noone knows when the 295 will be out beyond sometime early next year.

    3. The prices will probably drop but i dont have my crystal ball on me.

    4. Both cards will eat those games up...

    5. What do you mean will two cards help? are you now thinking of buying crossfire? I thought you said you hav eonly one slot...
  5. I say go for GTX280 because not all games take advantage of 2 GPUs.
  6. There will always be "better" video cards and price drops around the corner. Just decide what you really want, go buy it, and be happy. If you find you have made a mistake you will know better for the future.

    My personal opinion? GTX 280 all the way baby WOOHOO! :sol:
  7. just decide what you really want and what fix your budget. you cant always compare heat, because of the different architecture and methods used. all in all both card are just great
  8. I understand that Jan 8/9 is the launch date for the 55nm nvidia parts.
    That should include the GTX295 and the GTX285. The GTX 285 will be like a GTX280 overclocked with lower power requirements. Perhaps 10% faster.
    It is not clear what the prices will be.

    There are minor differences in the 4870X2 vs. GTX280, depending on the game, settings, resolution, and OC options.
    Don't anguish over minor differences, they are the same tier card.

    In general, I would go for a single gpu solution as being good for all cases. I would look at an EVGA unit today, in case you wanted to "step-up" to a 55nm part within 90 days.
  9. if your motherboard does not run crossfire, and it seems your just dissing it, why ask?
  10. +1 Geofelt.
  11. Its really up to you...the gtx is a little more expensive and the 4850 x2 beats it out most of the time. So i chose the 4850 x2. I just got mine today and i love it so far. I upgraded from a 9800gtx nvidia of course. So you can decide yourself if you have the cash and want to go for the single gpu solution then do it. However if your budget is tight and dont mind the noise then go for the 4850x2
  12. Go for 4850X2... It'll surely make you proud of.... As you don't have Crossfire/SLi supporting motherboard, it'll be better to do so... As Crossfire/SLi is common, game developers now will be developing games utilising dual GPU's....
  13. As for those two games, I'm currently running a 8600 XXX and I am playing (the demo) of COD4 on maxed setting with AA @ 1680 x 1050.

    Either one of those would perform. *Shrug* I'd wait a few weeks for the 295 as most people said.
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